Full book fairy costume

Book Fairy!

This year for Halloween I decided to make a book fairy (or as I saw it on some other blogs, an diction-fairy) costume. This costume was really fun, not too hard, and super inexpensive to make. The website where the original instructions are is lilidale.com. To make this I bought two used books: a big book with a cover I liked (it was purple) and a dictionary (they were each only $1). To make the wings, I first took all of the pages out of my big book. Then I hot glued a wire hanger (I had to reshape it) to the inside of the cover to make the wings rigid.  Next I ripped out about 8 pages from the dictionary and glued (just to be clear, whenever I say glue I mean hot glue) them long side together into one long page. After the glue dried I accordion folded the whole long sheet. Then I glued the sheets in an arc shape to the back of the book cover and repeated it with the other side.

Wings for book fairy costume

Back of wings

I used elastic I had from another project to do the wings, but ribbon, or even big rubber bands would probably work too. Using scissors, I punched holes (which is a lot easier than you might expect) on both sides of the spine, about three inches from the top of the book and then two inches down from that, but it really depends on your height and book size. Then I threaded the elastic through both top holes from the front going to the back of the book. Next I threaded it through the bottom holes and tied both sides of the elastic together on the front of the spine (make sure you leave enough elastic on the back to fit your arms through). Now if you want some more pages at the top or bottom of your wings like I did, you can just add a few extra pages, otherwise, you’re done!

Wings for book fairy costume

Front of wings

Now for the tutu! First you’ll need a ribbon at least 1 inch wide. My ribbon wasn’t quite long enough to fit around my waist, so I attached a rubber band (using a stapler) to each side of the ribbon to make it kind of stretchy. I would recommend this because it makes it a lot easier to get on and off, but you can also just safety-pin it, or get a ribbon long enough that you will be able to tie and untie it.

Book fairy tutu

My solution to my ribbon not being long enough

Next you will need to actually make the skirt. This is done by rolling up sheets of paper. They can be different sizes and it doesn’t matter if they are more like cones or tubes. Then you will want to fold the end of the roll so the skirt will stick out like a tutu.

Rolled page for tutu for book fairy costume

Rolled page

Then you will glue the page to the inside of the ribbon so that the page sticks out like a tutu. Do this all the way around the ribbon, then go back to the beginning and glue more rolled pages in all the spaces. Because I wanted my skirt extra fluffy, I added a third layer of paper all the way around again. Once all your pages are glued, your tutu is done!

Inside of tutu for book fairy costume

Inside of tutu

Finished tutu for book fairy costume

Finished tutu

I made some accessories by adding ribbon curls to a wand I had, and I cut a page to fit behind a crown so you could see the words through the spaces. But if you have other accessories or things you want to do there are lots of different things you could do to make/decorate accessories.

Page crown for book fairy costume

Page crown

Page wand for book fairy costume

Page wand

I also did my nails to go with my costume. I just painted them white, and using alcohol stamped newspaper print onto my nails the full instructions are here.

Newspaper nails to go with book fairy costume

Newspaper nails

Now all that’s left is to put the whole costume together, you can wear whatever t-shirt and leggings with it, but I wore a pink ski shirt (it was so cold) to go with my costume.

 Full book fairy costume

My full costume

Back of book fairy costume

Back of costume

Book fairy costume

I also wore my costume to dance class

I hope liked this tutorial! I loved making this costume and hope you like it too. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section, and be sure to pin this, using the Pinterest button at the bottom of this post.


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  1. Lainy,
    This sounds like an amazing costume. I can’t wait to see the pictures of you wearing it. You are so very talented and creative.

  2. Lainy….you amaze me with your creative ideas and excellent writing and photography skills! The book fairy costume will certainly be one of the best this year. Happy Halloween!

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